Success Stories

A primary concern of Ahimsa House is to protect the anonymity of the victims we help. Because of the potential danger, we cannot show you the abused animals that we take in every day. We cannot even tell you many of their stories for fear the abuser will track them down. Here are some stories that we are able to share with you without fear of endangering anyone. Names have been changed to further protect anonymity.

Tiny Tim

Tiny TimAt the beginning of his life, Tiny Tim had a very tough time. The father in his family abused him so badly that his leg was broken as a result of ill treatment. With permission from the mother, who was also a victim of the father’s abuse, we went to the media in an effort to raise enough money to save Tiny Tim’s leg. The result was overwhelming! We had hundreds of phone calls that jammed our phone line. Our voice mail filled up and we had to start forwarding calls to another line just so we could check the voice mail! This was a continuous cycle for several hours, but it made our year to talk to so many of you who cared about this poor little dog in need. And, because of your response, Tiny Tim had his surgery, made a full recovery, and was reunited with his human.

Uncle Poncho and the Tiny Family

Three very small dogs needed care and protection while their family fled to safety from their abuser. Domestic violence had torn apart their home. They were Honey, the mother Chihuahua; her adorable puppy Tiny, the result of a brief tryst with a neighbor’s dachshund; and Uncle Poncho, the mother of Honey’s brother. Tiny was the quintessential cartoon of a baby dog, complete with impossibly large head and enormous brown eyes attached to a stubby little body.

Enter Ahimsa House. We took over the care of this dog family so the mother and her child could go to a shelter. Each of the dogs clung to the others and was frantic if not within sight of each other. They would huddle in a tight group and look apprehensive, not knowing what to expect. If you spoke, they would cower submissively. Ahimsa’s crisis volunteers arranged visitation days with the dogs’ human family at least once a week, and each time the child would say, “Am I going to get my puppy back?” One of our foster families welcomed all three dogs into their home.

As time went on, the dogs began to wag their tails when greeted, and finally to play together happily while their cage was cleaned. Eventually the day came to say goodbye and the dogs returned to their real family. The dogs left Ahimsa’s care healthier, happier, and even better adjusted than before their crisis.

Emma’s Rescue

One day, a woman called our Ahimsa House crisis phone line and needed sanctuary for her pet dog “Emma.” This domestic violence victim loved Emma. She wanted her to be safe and asked us to help.

Emma is a beautiful dog. She is very sweet, but when you meet her you can see the fear in her eyes. She has seen that people can hurt. She wants to trust but is unsure. She has never been aggressive. She only wants to hide from anyone she does not know. If given the opportunity, her natural instinct is to flee because she is afraid.

We took care of Emma, and paid for the orthopedic surgery she needed. Unfortunately, when the time came, her owner was unable to reclaim her. We were able to find her a loving new home.

Because Ahimsa House exists, Emma does not have to fear anymore. She is no longer lost. She has found her destination. She is safe and loved.

Toby’s Ordeal

He viciously beat Mary and her three cats—again. Mary packed a bag, got into her car alone, and drove to a shelter for battered women. One big problem: pets weren’t allowed. After she left, her batterer picked up Toby, the tabby, and threw him from the balcony to the ground three stories below. That’s where he was when a neighbor found him. As gently as possible, she cradled his small body, taking him to her apartment and then gathered the other cats.

Meanwhile, Mary, who couldn’t bear to give her cats away or take them to an animal shelter, was helped by her counselor to call the Ahimsa House crisis line. Ahimsa House took the cats in and gave them medical care along with a big dose of love and attention. Toby, as a result of his fall, needed two surgeries. We expected the worst, but by some miracle, he survived.

After Mary left the shelter and found a safe living situation, we reunited her with Toby and the other two cats. They were a family again…this time without the horror of abuse.

When you donate to Ahimsa House, you help us help these defenseless animals, and you show them that there are good people who love them. From these families and so many others like them, thank you for caring and for making it possible through your donations to help those who need help so desperately.

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